Our Initiatives

Shri Marigold CHS Limited is constantly thriving for the well-being of its residents and the society at large. With this in mind and the larger objective of Sustainability, Shri Marigold’s initiatives have always been in the direction of integrating environmental, economic and social dimensions. Below is snapshot of some initiatives running inside Shri Marigold.


Farmer to consumer direct – provide fresh fruits and vegetables to residents at rates cheaper than market – without the hassle of even leaving their society premises.


Closed Circuit TV Surveillance - The idea is to leverage technology to maintain constant vigil so that residents can live in peace of mind. This way dependence on manual guarding system has been reduced as 24x7 monitoring is achieved under this project. In future, SMCHSL intends to also make accessible this  video feed to residents that if required they could watch happening inside Marigold, remotely.


Best from Waste - Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) to recycle waste water for re-use. Daily garbage disposal used to make compost for garden areas in the premises.


Bore wells - SMCHSL has invested in borewells to get wholesome water supply naturally and reduce dependency on external sources of additional water such as tankers, etc. thereby saving cost and ensuring safe Water for secondary purposes.


MyMarigold - Shri Marigold has deployed an “Intranet” like self-service using web based technology so as to provide convenience for its residents for regular mundane activities related to society operations such as Maintenance bills, various applications, complaints, member profiles, directory, etc. this not only helps improve turn-around time for addressing day to day work, but also is a GREEN

Rain Water Harvesting - Shri Marigold has implemented Rain Water Harvesting whereby rain water from terrace is channelized in to existing bores thereby re-charging ground water levels. This is a very unique way of conservation of water which has long term benefits to the environment.


Segregated Waste Management or SWM is the process of seperating dry waste from the Wet waste. the Wet Waste is then sent throgh a composting proces and converted in to manure that can be used to treat the Gardens inside Marigold premises. This in turn puts less load on the MBMC for waste management and our contribution to the society at large. We have implemented SWM right at the household level by creating lot of awarness within our members and getting their co-operation in return.

Our Rain Water Harvesting and SWM projects have received lot of acclaim from the local civic authorities and are model projects within the Thakur Village area.

Proposed Initiatives (work in progress)


  • Solar Power systems for Alternate sources of Energy